The Best Bone Broth to Buy

By Vanessa Michaels

best bone broth

A lovely French girl was revealing some of the beauty secrets of the French. Naturally, she talked about what they ate to be so radiant and in good shape.

She said that they all had a grandmother’s recipe of very nutritious soup, and if anyone seemed under the weather, they had a saying: “you skipped soup?” 

It’s not a national secret, though. People worldwide have variations of that magic soup, and it’s what we know around here as bone broth.

What is Bone Broth?

The short version: it is slow cooked bones.

The better story: it is a highly nutritious soup, made from collagen-rich animal parts. The original recipe was enhanced over the years with the addition of various vegetables, herbs, and spices. Just smelling it while it simmers is a pleasure to the senses. 

The process of extracting all these nutrients ends up in a meal that is highly beneficial to us. From a boost of much-needed energy to a generally agreed on home remedy for many ailments.

It is highly recommended as a treatment for joints, allergies, digestive disorders, immune system issues, and as a general beauty supplement.

Bone broth also has a prominent presence in weight loss programs, especially the Paleo diet. Other diet plans also utilize bone broth, owing to its low carb, high protein content.

This form, however, is not the only possible way of preparing or using broth. Outside of the home kitchen, bone broth or collagen can be made into a powder, with or without flavors. It can actually be made into a very neutral form you can add to smoothies or any other foods. Remarkable, right?    

Best Bone Broth Top Picks

This bone broth seems to have it all! I’m a bit of an old school kind of person, so when they said that this is broth made with passion in a real kitchen, with good ingredients, that seriously got my attention.

The Osso Good broth is made from grass-fed and finished beef, organic poultry, Berkshire pork, and organic vegetables. This suggests a good content of omega-3 and a healthy lack of pollutants.

It also follows the rustic recipe of leaving it to simmer for 18 hours. This is just about enough time to extract almost all the proteins, minerals, and nutrients. This all adds up to a wholesome meal that is not only filling, but also nutritious and even healing.

It comes in 7 flavors, offering a variety of tastes and nutrients. They come packed in 16 OZ sachets, so each one gives a couple of servings in an 8 Oz cup.

It is a natural product; it comes in frozen and needs to stay in the freezer until it is needed. It can be thawed in the fridge overnight, or a warm water bath.


  • Packed with nutrients, protein, and gelatin
  • Made from organic bone and produce
  • Paleo certified, whole 30 approved, and Keto friendly
  • Prepared in small batches to ensure quality
  • No artificial flavors, gluten, antibiotics, dairy, or added salt


  • Not ‘on the go’
  • Needs advance planning and prep. time
  • A bit on the pricey side

This bone broth is made from wild Alaskan salmon. It is transformed into a collagen powder form by a natural process. To reverse the process, just add water!

It promises to supply the whole range of collagen that’s needed by the body. This alone offers a massive boost to our skeletal system, skin, aids in healing from injuries, builds up our immune system, improves our digestion, and enhances our overall health.

It is water soluble and has no flavor of its own so that it can be perfect for smoothies or milkshakes, and it can be added to other soups to increase their protein content.


  • Packed with nutrients, protein, and gelatin
  • Made from wild salmon, good to change
  • No hormones, No antibiotics, No feedlots
  • Dairy Free, Soy Free, Grain Free, Gluten Free
  • Non-Gelling type
  • Water Soluble
  • Moderately priced
  • Very versatile, blends well


  • Less like the original broth
  • Not totally on the go

This beef bone broth is both paleo and keto-friendly. It comes packed with nutrients, and it's easy to have on the go. The 'Kettle and Fire Bone Broth' is prepared by simmering the ingredients for more than 20 hours, which is the traditional way of making the broth and getting the most nutrients out of it.

It has about 7 grams of protein per serving, which enhances your meals, and provides a nice boost at the beginning of the day, or a pick-me-up at the end of a long day. It’s also easy to prepare and have on the go.

The ingredients are all of outstanding quality, with the bone coming from 100% grass-fed cattle, and the vegetable all from organic sources.

The broth comes in several flavors other than the beef, all with the same nutrients and ease of preparation, but the variety is a treat to the palate, and that is always good to have.


  • Made from 100% grass-fed cattle
  • All the vegetables used are organic
  • Non-GMO, free from gluten, soy, and dairy
  • It has 7 g of protein per serving
  • Prepared by the traditional way of 20+ hours of simmering
  • The broth is packed with collagen, amino acids, and other nutrients
  • Easy to use on the go


  • The taste is not very savory to some people
  • A bit to the pricey side

Nona Lim’s Asian bone broths are fresh and original. She promises that all her products are organic, that she uses temperature and no preservatives to keep her broth in prime condition, and that they are all gluten and dairy free.

What is so striking beside the variety of flavors is the care and attention given to us, her clients. I think she devised the on the go cups and brief prep time based on her own experience with beverages. We all need something hot and wholesome and natural. This product is just that.

The packaging is especially noteworthy. The BFA-free cups have a very convenient lid. To heat the broth; you just remove the cap and the internal seal, microwave it for a couple of minutes and replace the cover for a perfect on the go meal!

The flavor variety, its nutritional content, and the excellent packaging make this broth a right choice for commuters, students, or sports jocks!


  • Packed with nutrients, protein, and gelatin
  • Made from organic bone and produce
  • Offers many flavors
  • Paleo certified, whole 30 approved, and Keto friendly
  • No artificial flavors, gluten, antibiotics, dairy, or added salt
  • Totally on the go
  • Pretty packaging


  • The Asian flavors are not for everyone
  • It is not the original classic bone broth
  • A bit on the pricey side

This bone broth comes in powder form, and it's intended as a meal replacement. It has the traditional ingredients of bone broth, plus a boost of protein coming from nuts, Chia, and flax seeds, in addition to other organic herbs and spices.

The protein and nutrient content here is pretty high, and that’s why it’s described as a meal replacement. It can also be added to other broths, gravy, or sauces to enhance their flavor and nutritional value.

It gives only 150 calories per serving and has 7g of fiber, so it is beneficial if you are on a weight loss plan. It’s also Paleo and Keto diet friendly.

The Ancient Nutrition bone broth is formulated by Dr. Josh Axe and Jordan Rubin, who are both prominent figures in the world of health and nutrition.

It comes in several flavors, and it’s easy to prepare and have on the go. It's very handy, and it can be used as a meal replacement in the middle of a busy workday.


  • It’s made from high-quality ingredients
  • It has the usual one broth proteins plus nuts, chia, and flax seeds
  • Easy to prepare
  • It can be added to other broths, gravies, or sauces
  • There’s around 20 g of good quality protein per serving
  • It contains about 7 g of fiber which helps in digestion
  • Has only 150 calories per serving
  • Comes in several flavors


  • The flavor is not very close to real bone broth
  • A bit on the pricey side
  • Has a bit of an acquired taste

A Brief History of an Ancient Broth

There’s a very interesting history behind this magic soup!

When our early ancestors went out hunting, it was hardly a walk in the park. Going back home at all was uncertain, and returning with a plump animal for dinner was a rare treat! Eating a raw animal was probably unsavory, and many parts of their catch had to be thrown away.

Discovering fire opened up so many possibilities, both in the hunting process, in the way food could be prepared, and in the multitude of ways the rest of the animal could be used.

The heat melted new parts of the animal, and that went beyond food. They placed hot stones in the hide, and instantly cleaning it up was a breeze.

They must have noticed that many of the goodie juices just drizzled into the fire, and hence cooking tortoises in their shell became a new culinary fad of those times.

The real game changer came about with the discovery of pots. The early cave dwellers were then able to use every last bit of the animal, even its carcass and hooves. I imagine that our modern day version of bone broth came about soon afterward.

Both pots and Bone broth soon spread around the four corners of the earth. It is mentioned in old Chinese medicine as well as in ancient Egyptian writings.

As time progressed, this savory dish remained as an essential staple. Every village and every grandmother has a secret recipe, a variation that they would swear by. 

However, the luxury of having a pot that simmers all night soon became difficult around the industrial and Great War times. Fuel was scarce, and so the bone broth was no longer a household item. This opened the door for the commercial forms of broth.

In recent years there was a revival of everything healthful and organic. Bone broth and its twin Collagen soon became part of the buzz and controversy. There are now café’s that serve a cup of broth, a variety of forms in the market, take out places, and the easiest option of all: online ordering.  


Meat, Fish, or Chicken?

Every one of these types has something to offer in terms of health and nutrition benefits. It’s not only that; even for the same kind of animal, each one of the different parts adds its own mix of goodness.

For example, chicken carcass is very rich in proteins, but it’s the feet, neck, and wings that have the most collagen, and if they are added to the chicken broth, they exceed the value offered by a meat broth. 

As for the fish; they have a unique element which is iodine. It is pretty rare in other foods, and having that is especially good for the thyroid.

Some Things to Watch Out For

In each one of these bone sources; it is essential to note that the animal is well fed, which means that it has been free range in case of poultry, and for cows eating grass throughout its lifetime.

Labels can sometimes be misleading. The label ‘grass-fed’ unfortunately does not guarantee that it only says that at some point in its lifetime it ate dewy grass, but then it moved on to grain.

Poultry should be free range, and it’s best to add necks and wings to carcasses to increase their gelatin content.

In the case of fish, it is best to buy it fresh and to choose the wild varieties. You need to watch out for the oily types, as the oils could be unstable when cooked for a long time. Also, try to remove the gills; they tend to make the broth a bit bitter.

The Benefits of Bone Broth?

This ancient broth is believed to have remarkable effects on our wellbeing, and many people swear that it has fixed some pretty harsh conditions they suffered long and hard from.

These are some of the ways people believe they benefit from bone broth. It’s interesting that this belief has been going strong throughout ancient and modern times!

 It’s very nutritious. The high amino acid content of the broth promotes good health all over the body, as it is the building block of cell building and regeneration.

It is good for the teeth, bones, joints, and cartilage, as some studies have demonstrated

Fights infection as it activates and strengthens the antioxidants we have, research has shown that bone broth can actually boost the immune system

According to studies, It alleviates the problems that go with inflammatory bowel disease

It has good nutrients and minerals like iron, selenium, zinc, and manganese in a form that is relatively easy to absorb

It could help people sleep better, especially if ingested before sleep, thanks to a particular amino acid called glycine

When incorporated in a good diet, it helps in weight loss. Also, The high protein low carb content of bone broth leaves you feeling full for longer.

It’s good for hair, skin, and nails. As medical research has shown, they can have regenerative effects on human connective tissue.

Why is Bone Broth Paleo and Keto Friendly?

Paleo diet is a diet based on the idea that if we ate like our ancestors, especially those who lived in the Paleolithic era, then we would be as strong and healthy as they were. Moreover, they were pretty tough folk!

It means eating what a hunter-gatherer would have found two and a half million years ago. That would probably be just meat, fish, vegetables, and seeds.

Bone broth seems to fit right into this dietary plan, and hence its popularity in the Paleo scene.

Keto diet , ketogenic diet, or Atkins diet, devised a process that burns the body fat for energy. For this ketosis process to kick in, we need to eat a diet high in protein and fat, and very low on carbs.

Clearly, Bone broth fits the description here too.  

How Often and How Much?

How often and how much bone broth will naturally depend on why you have bone broth. For a pleasurable hot beverage, then once in a while.

For a pick me up after an exhausting day, then at the end of that tiring day would be good.

Some are incorporating bone broth in a serious weight loss plan, and these report of having anything from 8-40 OZ per day.

A daily 8 oz cup could be more than enough for general wellness.

The same amount is usually right for helping with sleep problems and digestive system issues.

The human body is smart, and it usually sends clear signals as to what is good and what is not. We should always pay attention to that. And of course, a doctor’s opinion is needed when taking on such diets.

Conclusion: Which Broth Tops The List?

So what is my personal pick for bone broth?

I believe that one of the main ingredients of good food is love! So a homemade broth would be my choice. However, there’s at least as much pleasure in eating a wholesome meal you haven’t labored to prepare, so the readymade stuff is just as dear to my heart!

It’s hard to pick one product, but all things considered, I think that after a long exhausting day, I would go for Osso Good Signature Bone Broth.

It is as original and fresh as they get. So it is the best of two worlds really, it has the taste and heartiness of a homemade warm bone broth, and it’s easy to prepare, which is the most considerable part of a

readymade product.

It is filled with nutrients, and the ingredients are well picked from trusted sources.

The variety of flavors keeps my palate entertained, and its price is not bad at all, especially if we think about the quality of the broth!

I am at an age where I should really take care of my well being, and I know what a huge difference good food can make. I know you do too!

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